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Simply Achieve Perfection.

The name of Joseph Brodmann is a driving force behind our uniqueness
and our high expectation towards quality.
At Brodmann, we champion the motto Rediscover the Pleasure.


Brodmann Pianos

The name of Joseph Brodmann, the famous Viennese piano maker,
stands for more than just a product name.
The sound philosophy of Joseph Brodmann Pianos is based on
the Viennese, European sound tradition.

More and more people these days are turning away from the traditional bright harsh sounding pianos which have become the standard tonal sound of pianos produced for the last 25 years. The secret of the Brodmann pianos lies in the fact that they are a European designed piano, using European parts in the key areas of sound production, i.e. soundboards, hammers and strings

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Car Audio

Like with Home Audio and Home Theaters Brodmann is deeply engaded in State of the Art Car Audio solutions.

What we do for our clients:

• Top end fleet solutions are developed in cooperation with/for Tier 1 and/or OEMs
• High End projects for single cars

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Service and Support

Brodmann loudspeaker cabinets are designed for operation in living rooms.
Because the choice of where in the room to place the loudspeakers is essentially a practical consideration,
excellent results can be successfully achieved in every living room.