The Joseph Brodmann Group has developed three distinctive
very clearly defined tiers of Brodmann pianos for our customers to select from.


Rediscover the Pleasure

Proud owners of Brodmann pianos give many reasons
for selecting our brand.

A full singing sustaining rich tone, a responsive touch, a classical timeless design and a confidence in the knowledge they have bought a piano from a company that has carefully selected its’ Brodmann dealers to provide the best advice and after-care services following the purchase of their piano. Brodmann pianos are only available from exclusive Brodmann authorized dealers. Long term studies in education have proven that children who actively learn and play music have better social skills, are better at languages and math and they develop more life-skills through this training than those who do not associate with music at all. “Music makes kids smarter“ is a statement which rings true and the Brodmann Company fully endorses

Where to buy

Please contact the global headquarter
for any inquiries about
our distributers all over the world.

Arceau Arts GmbH
Altmannsdorfer Straße 76A/11/18A
A-1120 Vienna
Tel. +43 664 4522026